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The costumed hero Terrah Cat successfully transforms into another physical form. His molecules become unstable and cause sporadic transformations into other forms that are beyond his control. As the self loses its physicality, everything becomes abstraction. Giving in, he is able to transcend the physical limitations of the body and self, becoming everyone, freeing the self from the ego, and providing a path to transcendence to all who will follow him.

Terrah Cat exists within a system of video, music, live performance and web content that emphasizes our changing relationship to time and space. Each iteration of the project is dependent on the other, and while they can be experienced separately, they are part of a whole. Just as our day to day experiences involve elements of physical and digital experience, Terrah Cat proves the dependence of our identity in those worlds.

Feed Me Your Tears
1 min. 10 sec.
The Landing
2 min. 53 sec.
Join Us (trailer 3)
HD, Mini-DV, and 5.0 mega pixel camera phone video
19 min. 34 sec.