Portfolio > Sentient Avatars of Astral Collapse

Through performances involving video, sound and objects sold as souvenirs, I create temporary environments which subvert the power structures of capitalism in the 21st century. I pour on color to excite the senses and create a confusion of space. I employ rapid fire editing within video to mimic the frantic pace of media transmissions that persistently structure consciousness. Illogical language humorously undermines the psychological advertising strategies we succumb to regularly. Objects become props: transparent in their failure to become high end items, but creating an aspiration to attain class commodities. The desire within the audience to belong in the moment is fostered through the syncing of performance, sound and video, then exploited by the merchandise for sale in the environment. I engage, implicate and repel the audience to maximize their emotional responses, increasing their vulnerability to understand the moment which they, and we, are all part of together. It is from these moments which we as a people can transcend the constructed oppression of capitalism.